Our silver experts can value silver, plated silver, and objects of value such as small personal items and Russian silver and Fabergé. Collectible silver includes such items as early spoons, English and Continental tea and coffee sets, candelabras and trays as well as statuary and religious items.

Items such as snuff boxes, cigarette cases and scent bottles were often made as luxury and beautifully adorned with precious gems and metal items. As such many items have a historic significance and if commissioned by royalty or aristocrats would have great value on the market.

The value of antique items also depends on the artisan. If you obtain silver valuation from our online specialist, simply send us a photograph and give us any other details you know about the item.  

We know that the silver market can be perceived as unapproachable and the process of trying to get your art or antique appraised can be quite time consuming and complex. Our strategy is simple: make the appraisal process as easy as possible, offer the best possible expertise and produce a written appraisal report all within 48 hours.